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Welcome to the Alpha Progamming MIDI pages. This is a large collection of freely downloadable songs made by James Langston. All files on this page have been created originally, and not copied from any other sources. Some of the MIDIs on this page are theme songs from television progams, and other similar songs. Thanks go to all the original authors of these songs. If any of the authors wish to have their song removed from this list, could they please e-mail me and I will remove them instantly. If you wish to distribute these MIDIs, they must be accompanied by the 'alphamid.txt' file, which is downloadable from here. You may wish to read this for more information.

You can either download the entire Alpha MIDI pack (containing all the MIDIs on this web page), or download each one individually using the list below. The MIDIs themselves are not compacted in any way but the MIDI pack is a ZIP file and will require a program such as PKUNZIP, WinZip, SparkPlug or SparkFS to uncompress them.

Download Download the MIDI pack as a ZIP file (110K) - 23rd February 1998

Please select one of the following categories to go to the MIDI files:

Original Songs

    Full Tunes
    worda.midWord Association
    1stmove.midPiano Concerto No. 1 (Opus 1, 1997) - 1st Movement Theme
    Alphabet (all MIDI files only have instruments starting with one letter)
    lettera.midMy version of Razor Blade Alley
    letterb.midTake me I'm yours by Squeeze
    letterc.midSome Classical Thing
    boing.midSmeg off - who needs a title
    naff.midWho knows?
    forest.midThe Forest
    guitar1.midGuitar Quartet 1
    keyboard1.midKeyboard Quartet 1
    mallet1.midMallet Quartet 1
    organ1.midOrgan Quartet 1
    Random Instruments
    rand01.midRandom Numbers 1 - Like Beethoven's Fifth
    rand02.midRandom Numbers 2 - Brahms Symphony No. 1
    rand03.midRandom Numbers 3
    rand04.midRandom Numbers 4 - A variation on "Come on Home"
    rand05.midRandom Numbers 5
    rand06.midRandom Numbers 6
    rand07.midRandom Numbers 7
    rand08.midRandom Numbers 8
    rand09.midRandom Numbers 9
    rand10.midRandom Numbers 10
    rand11.midRandom Numbers 11
    rand12.midRandom Numbers 12
    rand13.midRandom Numbers 13
    rand14.midRandom Numbers 14
    rand15.midRandom Numbers 15
    rand16.midRandom Numbers 16 - Ballady-type thing

Television Themes

    The Animaniacs
    animaniacs.midTitle tune "We are the Animaniacs..."
    patb.mid"They're Pinky and the Brain..."
    wakko2ns.midWakko's Two Note Song
    Other Television Themes
    lalaw.midLA Law
    newyork.midNew Yorker
    rosiejim.mid(Almost) Rosie and Jim
    thhgttg.midThe Hitch Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy
    vrbno.midVic Reeves Big Night Out

Songs from popular bands

    Miscillaneous '80s Songs
    china.midChina in your hand
    dywm.midDon't you want me
    golden.midGolden Brown
    breakfree.midI want to break free
    radio.midRadio GaGa
    baggy.midBaggy Trousers
    mygirl.midMy Girl
    onestep.midOne Step Beyond
    prince.midThe Prince
    Cyndi Lauper
    girls.midGirls just wanna have fun
    night.midAll Throught The Night
    nail.midAnother nail in my heart
    noplace.midNo place like home
    shame.midSuch a Shame

Computer game themes

    Miscillaneous Computer Songs
    anarchy.midAnarchy (Amstrad)
    cannonfod.midCannon Fodder (Many platforms)
    dkc.midDonkey Kong Country (Nintendo)
    mstar.midMario 1 - Star (Super Nintendo version)
    rainbow.midMario Kart 64 - Rainbow Road (Nintendo 64)
    playoff.midNHLPA Hockey '93 - The Playoffs (Super Nintendo)
    yoshilev.midMario 64 - Yoshi's Island Main Level (Nintendo 64)
    Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
    swim.midMario 64 - Water Levels (Nintendo 64)
    race.midMario 64 - Race Levels
    Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo 64)
    dkc.midTitle Tune
    factory.midFactory Level
    jungle.midJungle Level
    mine.midMine Level
    Earthworm Jim (Super Nintendo)
    ewj.midEarthworm Jim Title
    snot.midSnot a Problem
    F-Zero (Super Nintendo)
    f-zero.midF-Zero Title Tune
    mutecity.midMute City
    whiteland.midWhite Land (the snowy one)
    deathwind.midDeath Wind
    Lemmings 1 (Many platforms)
    lemmings1.midLemmings 1
    lemtim1.midLemmings 1 - Tim 1
    lemtim5.midLemmings 1 - Tim 5
    Lemmings 2 (Many platforms)
    space.midLemmings 2 - Space Tribe
    beast2.midLemmings 2 - Caveman Tribe - Rock version
    beach.midLemmings 2 - Beach Tribe
    egypt.midLemmings 2 - Egyption Tribe
    sports.midLemmings 2 - Sports Tribe
    Sensible Soccer (Sensible soccer, PC, Amiga)
    sensible.midSensible Soccer Title Tune
    ingame.midIn-game tune
    Street Fighter II (Super Nintendo, PC, Megadrive)
    ken.midKen Tune
    ending.midStreet Fighter II Title Tune
    Sim City (Advanced version) (Many platforms)
    title.midThe Beginning
    menu.midTitle Menu
    capital.midCapital Level

Christmas songs

    Christmas Songs
    jingle.midJingle Bells
    xmas-nkc.midThe Christmas Song by Nat King Cole, Mel Torme and Robert Wells

Miscillaneous songs

    Traditional songs
    entertainer.midThe Entertainer
    cartoon.midI'm the very model of a cartoon individual
    Popular Songs
    brahms.midBrahms Symphony No. 1 in C minor - 4th Movement
    cat.midEv'rybody wants to be a cat
    crypt.midThe Crypt
    everyloser.midEvery loser wins
    nothingcomp.midNothing compares 2 U
    nothingstop.midNothing's gonna stop us now
    Songs from 'Mango' (Traditional Jamacian Songs)
    dayoh!.midDay oh!
    digsy.midDigsy's Dinner
    tingalay.midTina Layo!
    minimalist.midMr. Tucker's Minimalist Piece

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