Weapon Strike

Here they are - the plans for Weapon Strike! This game is going to be massive, once we get round to programming it! It's basicially an adventure game set in a place called Synthetica and you find out what you have to do as you go along. On paper, we have a lot of plans for this game, but I am unable to give any details away on this page.

Weapon Strike is an adventure game with a difference - it's MAD! There will be absolutely loads of locations, objects, characters, quests and tasks available. This is a very long-term project and will not be released for a long time yet. It will be made to work over the Internet but we are currently not sure whether this will be via a web-based, Java or platform-dependent interface.

It is intended that the game will be easily expandable by the operators and possibly users of the game and there will be opportunities to interact with other characters, both real and computer-controlled. However, the game does not actually exist in any playable form yet.

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