CocoGnut - Peer-to-peer Filesharing for RISC OS


Instruction Manual

Overview of CocoGnut

CocoGnut performing a searchCocoGnut is a program written for RISC OS that enables you to find and download files such as audio, video, documents and programs which are shared by other users on the Gnutella network. CocoGnut is one of many clients designed to run on the Gnutella network, and there are clients available for most popular operating systems.

The Gnutella network is a based on the peer-to-peer organisation. In a nutshell, this means that there are no central machines on the network and anyone who joins the network becomes part of it. No-one owns the Gnutella network, which means that it cannot be shut down by hackers or government organisations, unlike networks such as the original Audiogalaxy system, where clients such as the Satellite client for RISC OS are no longer usable. It is important to realise that you should not download, nor make available for upload, copyrighted files to which you do not have permission from the copyright holder.

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