If anyone has Psionopoly 1.9, 1.92 or 1.94, could they please send it in as 1.99 has a few bugs


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What Is It?

Psionoply is basicly Monopoly for the Psion. There is one version for the Series 3 (Pocket Book I) and one version for the 3a/3c (PB II). This game features just about all of the things that the real monopoly game features, but it also features full screen scrolling of the board because the board won't fully fit on one screen! The game now has in-built help.

Some of the features are:

and many more.



    Full Psionopoly 1.99 package
    Converts Psionopoly 1.6 files to 1.8+ files, making them a third of the size
    Psion .WRD document describing how to make your own Psionopoly boards
    This allows you to play Psionopoly on an American board (only for use with Psion3a+)
    A very nice re-designed version of the original board. It makes it very easy to tell what the properties are because it has short abbreviations of them on each square. By Abdul M. Choudhury
    Board with a screenshot from Duke Nukem 3D
    Board based on Worms (the computer game) logo and worm pieces
    Board with a very sad picture of the author

Sending in your board

If you make a board of your own, send it to us (as long as it is legal), and we will put it on both Psionopoly sites, with your name on them. Send them to and we will put them on as soon as possible.


Version Date (UK) Updates
1.3 9/2/97 A few bugs fixed and a 'Tip the Board Up' option added
1.31 13/2/97 Two small bugs fixed and a few visual enhancements added
1.4 9/3/97 Help and 'jump to player' functions added.
1.42 13/3/97 Standardised search windows and the search windows will now deafualt to the property under the cursor (if any).
1.5 14/3/97 You can mortgage, trade, un-mortgage, sell houses etc. while deciding whether to buy a property or not.
1.51 20/3/97 Small bug fixed with above and you can now press Psion-E to refresh the player information screen
1.52 20/3/97 Sound On/Off facility added.
1.6 21/3/97 A few bugs and grammatical errors fixed. You can now click on Free Parking to find out how much is in it.
1.8 29/3/97 All chance cards are now availible - not just the ones that make your money go up or down. The saved game files are now a third of the size.
1.82 2/4/97 Works on a PSION Siena and you can tip the board up from the bankrupcy screen.
1.9 6/4/97 Support for PSION Series 3! And the 'Change Board' option defaults to the \PSP\ directory.
1.92 15/4/97 2 bugs in chance fixed, add player facility added.
1.94 7/5/97 Lots of bugs fixed with the Add Player function (sorry!) and yet another bug fixed with the chance cards. You can now roll the dice with the Space button or by pressing Psion-R.
1.99 14/August/97
  • Auto-Refresh information screen option.
  • Double GO amount option.
  • Rob the bank option. (Lets people attempt to steal from the bank!)
  • You are now asked if you want to try for a double or pay before you roll (not after).
  • Community Chest and Chance are now completly different.
  • Comm. Chest and chance cards now come up in order and are shuffled before every game.
  • Automatically jumps to your player when it is your turn.
  • Plenty of bugs fixed.


If you are updating your version of Psionopoly to version 1.99, please note that every file must be updated. Also, there is a new file called commc.odb which goes in the \PSP directory.

Who Made It?

This game is made by Neil Roberts. Neil's site is available at

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