What Is It?

Strange Ways was orignally, called, originally 'Maze'. I can't live with a name like that, so that's why it's called this! This is the first ever game made by Alpha Programming for the Psion/Pocket Book palmtops. Believe it or not, it's a maze game! There are two seperate versions, one for the Psion 3/Pocket Book I, and one for the Psion 3a/Pocket Book II. The version on this site is 1.3. This features a high score table as well!

Where Can I Obtain It?
    Strange Ways for Psion 3a and above
    Strange Ways for Psion 3

Who Made It?

This game was made by Tom Wagstaff (in OPL) and is his, and our first game for the Psion by Alpha Programming. There were some ideas from other people.

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