2nd Request For Comments release of Isis now available

The second, request-for-comments (RFC), release of Isis is now available for download from this page. The main differences are many bug fixes and smaller extra features. There is a new format of spreadsheet file which allows the use of many different styles, but older files are also accepted by the program. It is not available as an upgrade, so I'm afraid you will have to download the whole program again.


Isis is a spreadsheet, that's about all there is to say about it. I originally intended to write a simple but relatively powerful spreadsheet, perhaps for educational use, but have ended up writing a kind of hybrid that contains some but not all of the features found in more powerful commercial spreadsheets.

This release version

This release cannot really be used for proper applications but as it is nearing completion, I thought I might as well get something out now and hopefully get a few bug reports and suggestions in before the first real release.

There are quite a few problems and missing features in this release of Isis, notably that still many foreign files may not be imported (however, CSV and TSV are now supported to some extent), and that there are quite a large number of minor and a few major bugs.


Please do download and at least have a look at Isis
    ISIS Request For Comments 2

Who wrote it?

This program was written entirely by Nicholas Marriott.

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