Audiogalaxy Satellite Protocol

These pages are intended for people who wish to program an unofficial Audiogalaxy Satellite. Audiogalaxy only provide Satellites for Windows (32-bit) and Linux running on Intel machines. There are many people who use other operating systems/architectures and would like to have a Satellite available for their OS. These pages provide a helpful resource for programmers to create new Satellites.

Developer Information

List of available Satellites

Windows by Audiogalaxy - Freeware

    Windows version. Closed source, requires Windows 95 or better.

Linux (Intel platform) by Audiogalaxy - Freeware

    Linux version. Closed source, requires an Intel processor. Comes statically linked to glibc or not.

RISC OS/ARM by Alpha Programming - Freeware

If you have written an Audiogalaxy client or know of any others, please get in contact with me and I'll add it to this list.

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