This page contains a listing of projects which are currently incomplete. They may be actively under development or temporarily on hold. Please note that many programs in the software section are continuously under development and are not listed below.

Paradox - Temporarily on hold

    Fairly simple game where the basic idea is to dodge falling asteroids in your spaceship. Levels get more complicated and vary a great deal. Being made for RISC OS and Windows although the RISC OS version is much more complete.

Weapon Strike - Temporarily on hold

    An adventure game (currently text based), which will be huge. Not intended to be taken seriously, but features quests, small tasks and a lot of humourous objects, people and locations. Should be a great laugh to play when it's copmlete. Very long-term project being possibly made to run over the Internet.

Iron Joe - Temporarily on hold

    A platformer where you play ex-secret agent 'Joe' and have to go through the city and defeat eight bosses to defuse nuclear devices. Originally designed for Windows but may also be written for RISC OS.

Flograce - Temporarily on hold

    Simple overhead racing game where you control the Alpha Programming car and have to drive to Birmingham to sell a few thousand copies of Iron Joe to the public. Lots of different levels, scenarios and obstacles (including 'evil' cars) involved. Partially written for Windows, RISC OS version may be written soon.

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