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[Downloads window]

There are two sections to the Downloads window: The Active Downloads and the Queued Downloads.

Active Downloads

The Active Downloads section lists downloads which are either in progress, or have finished. In this case, there is one download which is in progress (Aqua - Barbie Girl(1).mp3). This download is 7.0% complete and 180.0KB has been received.

Above this, there is a download where a connection to the host has been initiated, but no file transfer has taken place yet. Above this is a download that was aborted by the user, the one that is connecting, one that has completed and one that reads Push route lost which means that the download was unsuccessful. A 'Push' message needs to be sent when the servent hosting the file is behind a firewall. If this message cannot be sent through the Gnutella network, this error occurs.

If you wish to clear any of the finished downloads from this part of the window, click menu and select either Clear Completed or Clear Aborted by clicking menu in the Active Downloads section. Clear Completed will clear all downloads that have finished successfully. Clear Aborted will clear all downloads that have stopped for any other reason.

You may also cancel the download by moving over to the Download submenu and selecting Cancel Download. An attempt will be made at reconnecting to the server and resuming the download if Restart Download is selected. Return To Queue moves the download to the Queued Downloads section, where another download attempt will be made later.

Queued Downloads

The Queued Downloads section lists downloads which have been queued by CocoGnut. The main reason for this is if the server is busy. This is signified by the number 503 present in the status field. However, there can be other reasons for the download to be queued. These include where we could not connect to the server, where we were unauthorised (as in this case) and where the connection was lost when we were downloading the file. CocoGnut will automaticially attempt to download the file at a later time.

You may force a queued download to try to connect immediately by pressing menu over it, moving over to Download and selecting Start Now. Alternately, you can cancel this download by selecting Cancel Download.

Additional Information

Please note that downloads are resumable. If a download has already started with the same name, but has now stopped, another attempt to download the same filename will cause the download to continue from where it left off. This can cause problems with two different files which have the same name, so beware.

Downloads are stored in the DirectoryDownload variable set in the Configuration. This is, by default, the Downloading directory in the same directory that !CocoGnut resides. Files are moved to the Complete directory when they have been successfully completed.

CocoGnut by Marc Warne of Alpha Programming