CocoGnut - Peer-to-peer Filesharing for RISC OS

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Statistics Window

[Statistics window]

Information from this window is unlikely to be useful for the vast majority of users. You may safely disregard any information in this window. It is provided only for informational purposes

Gnutellanet Descriptor Breakdown

This shows how many Gnutella messages (descriptors) are received and sent by CocoGnut. Do not be concerned if there is a high level of Fails for any message. The Gnutella descriptors are described briefly in the Gnutella Info section.

Core Descriptor Tracking Tables

This describes the state of the routing tables within CocoGnut. The routing tables hold information on what machine queries were received from and where they should be routed. The Recent table is the table that is presently in use while the Full table is the previous table that was used. Entries refers to how full the table is (its maximum size is given in Size). The Estimation is an estimate as to how long it should take to fill this table and Time lasted is the amount of time it took to fill up the Full table. CocoGnut will attempt to keep at least 10 minutes of routing information available.

CocoGnut by Marc Warne of Alpha Programming